From the apple tree into the bottle, a  100% NATURAL juice !

The Marc Schleck company is situated in the heart a region famous for its apple and other fruit orchards. It is only a short distance between the freshly picked fruit and the bottle filled with delicious golden juice.

Marc Schleck began producing the apple juice using traditional methods in 1996.
The family company is in charge of nearly all the tasks from looking after their own orchards, harvesting and pressing to the bottling process.

Apples are picked by hand in the family orchard  around the product plant. Only the apples plucked in the tree will be used and enter the production process. The ones fallen on the ground are eliminated.


Pressing: the crates with the picked apples are emptied into a crusher that minces up the whole apples. The must passes between a press wheel and a perforated mat. The solid parts are pressed and the juice is filtered and collected in large stainless steel tanks. The pulp is used as agricultural manure.

The golden juice is first of all pasteurized. It is kept at a temperature of 85 º before being lead to the bottling heads.
The bottles are automatically removed from the pallets, rinsed and reheated.
The bottles are then filled, corked and cooled.

Labeling and Packing
After drying, the bottles are then taken to the labelling machine, where two self-adhesive labels are stuck on, and they are then placed in boxes. The boxes, which each contain 6 bottles, are electronically printed to ensure they can be traced.